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Welcome to the website for the After Action Report Book Series

the Unofficial G.I. Joe Comic Collector Guide Books & 

the Unofficial G.I. Joe Character Guide Books (Command Files)  

by Josh Eggebeen & Roger Taft & Greg Agustin

& Ted Jacobson + Brian Sauer 

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After Action Report

Volume #1

Marvel Era


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A G.I. Joe Comic Guide Book Series 

to help YOU collect them ALL.

Featured in this website is all the information you'll need to know about the books that will help YOU become a completelist G.I. Joe comic book collector.

A Comprehensive Guide to All the G.I. Joe 

Comic Books Ever Published

Authored by Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen with Ted Jacobson + Brian Sauer, 

After Action Report (AAR) intends to be a series of volumes 

that cover all the known G.I. Joe comics and books ever published, maybe

This is an unofficial book. 

Each Volume will have its own Kickstarter as we move through the different series, publishers and 40 years of comics.

Each Volume will cover an era of G.I. Joe comics based generally off the publisher during a particular decade.

Each Volume will be a catalog guide of every known version of any Hasbro authorized G.I. Joe comic or book

produced during that Era including every cover variant. 

Each Volume will have creator interviews, historical articles, highlight pages of cool G.I. Joe related items 

& lots of fun facts.

Each Volume will have an original artwork cover created for that volume plus an original back cover 

from an artist of that era.

Each Volume will have a checklist, in the back of the book, that collector's can use to track their missing comics.


Each Volume will drive collector's down the rabbit hole trying to get them all.  


Below we would like to introduce to you our barely trustworthy but always faithful narrator, Private Pew Pew!!!

Private Pew Pew

Why Make This Book?

The G.I. Joe community has a very loyal collecting community that has loved G.I. Joe since 1964. So many of those fans have published books on collecting G.I. Joe. The majority of these books are toy based from the many different eras of G.I. Joe as well as collecting the art & pre-production process.

With many of those authors being contributors or advisors to AAR, Roger & Josh plan to be spending hours, even years of their life, dedicated to preserving all aspects of G.I. Joe comics by creating guide books to cover all of the different versions of the comics from Marvel, Devil’s Due and IDW eras of G.I. Joe; the amazing variant covers; the history of their creation; the creators' stories; the international versions; all to help preserve the comics part of 

G.I. Joe's history.

The Tentative Time Frame for

 the AAR Comic Guide Book Series

Volume #1: Started in summer 2020, Kickstarter Fall of 2020, Completed in hand of Fall 2021

Volume #2: Started in fall of 2021, Kickstarter Summer of 2022, Completed in hand Winter of 2022 

Volume #3: Started in spring of 2022, Kickstrter in Winter of 2022, Completed (Hopefully as IDW finishes it license at the end of 2022 & Hasbro comic book releases) in fall of 2023.

International Volumes #1 & #2: or maybe just one volume: Started in fall of 2022, Kickstarter on fall of 2023, Completed in Spring of 2024.


Stay tuned for more updates!