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A Must-Have Item for Any G.I.Joe Comic Book Collector and Fan

Your collection isn’t complete without our comic book guide - a checklist and photo guide rolled into one trade paperback!

AAR Volume 1 

Will include all Marvel-era English language G.I Joes comics published between 1982 and 1996 - America, Canada, Australia, and the UK - contained in a handy-to-use144-page, carefully-bound volume. When completed, the After Action Report: G.I. Joe Comic Guide will function as your total guide and checklist for every known G.I. Joe comic book published throughout the Marvel Era. 

Every cover will be pictured, with every variation noted and identified.

The bulk of the book will contain a visual checklist. 

In the back, you'll find a condensed and removable text-only checklist to take with you when you're out hunting those elusive final issues needed to complete your collection. 

Included are all Marvel-era English language comics from all G.I. Joe comics published between 

1982 and 1996.

 From America, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

From Publishers Marvel, Marvel UK, Cyclone, Blackthorne and Dark Horse.

144-pages, perfect-bound volume trade paperback design.

With cover art exclusively designed and created by Rod Whigham 

Numerous interviews from major G.I. Joe contributors to the comics.

Highlight-page articles covering special issues, series and sections of the G.I. Joe comics of the Marvel Era 

The Kickstarter for Volume #1 was succesfully funded in October of 2020.

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