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Exclusive Cover created by Josh Blaylock & Devil's Due Publishing (something that hasn't happen since 2008) (Not revealed yet)

Contents of Volume #2:

  • Forward by Former Devil's Due Publishing Publisher Sam Wells
  • Introduction by Justin Bell
  • Writer/Artist DDP President Josh Blaylock Interview
  • Writer/Artist Larry Hama Interview
  • Writer Brandon Jerwa Interview
  • Writer / Artist Tim Seeley Interview
  • Editor / Writer Mark Powers Interview
  • Key 1st Appearance List
  • Complete Devil's Due Checklist

Exclusive Articles:

  • DDP Era Newsstands Explained
  • History of G.I. Joe & the Transformers Crossovers Part 2
  • Inspiring Movies
  • Benchmark Comics Presentation
  • Rise of the Forum by Justin Bell
  • Photo contributions from James Kavanaugh 

Collector's Guide Book for 

G.I. Joe

A Real America Hero (ARAH)

Comics includes:

From Image Comics

  • ARAH #1-25 Main Series
  • ARAH Front Line
  • ARAH Battle Files
  • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers

From Devil's Due Publishing

  • ARAH #26-43 Main Series
  • Master & Apprentice 1 & 2
  • All Declassified Series
  • ARAH America's Elite
  • America's Elite Handbook &    Data Desk
  • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers II
  • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers    The Art of War
  • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers  Black Horizon

From Dreamwave Productions

  • Transformers G.I. Joe
  • Transformers G.I. Joe Divided Front

From Hasbro 

  • Comic 3 Figure Packs
  • Comic 2 Figure Packs - Reprints
  • Comic 2 Figure - Original Stories
  • Comic Toy Catalogs

From Fun Publishing

  • G.I. Joe vs Cobra Retail & JoeCon
  • G.I. Joe Collector's Club Magazine