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Meet the People Behind After Action Report

We take pride in our comic book guide being a project made by collectors for collectors. 

About the Authors

Brief History of the Concept of After Action Report

It’s always been Roger's dream to have a useable and handy guide book for collectors.

A resource to track his collection when hunting for G.I. Joe comics in those long boxes at every convention.

From printed paper lists based upon Excel to modern day apps on phones, Roger and all other 

collectors have used all sorts of methods to track the gaps in their collections.  

And So:

The concept of After Action Report was pitched by Roger to Josh during the 

CO-VID shutdown in the Spring of 2020. 

Josh jumped on the idea with a big YES.

Then the scanning of the covers began and the writing of the book.

The first Kickstarter for Volume #1 premiered at JoeFest in Augusta, GA, September, 2020.

And successfully funded (with 4 stretch goals reached) in October, 2020.

For Roger, its been 22 years ... for Josh close to year, but for both writers, 

a lifetime of searching - buying and collecting, selling and trading - 

nothing less than a passion for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics.

When it comes to tracking and filling out your own collection, you can't do better than doing it with Roger and Josh:

The two have been contributors to the Comic Section and both have 

written several articles for Joe Declassified Magazine.

Josh created the International Comic Section 

Roger Taft

Code Name: Paste Up 

Base of Operations: Flordia

Roger has been collecting G.I. Joe comics, toys, and all kinds of crazy accessories since he was a kid. Now as an “adult kid,” he buys and sells toys for a living at Atomic Age Artifacts: Antique & Collectible Mall. His passion has always been G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and has always used guide books to find and collect the toys and all their parts and accessories.

Over the decades, many great G.I. Joe collector books have been published for every era, size, and shape of the toys. But, there isn't a book to help collectors complete their G.I. Joe comic collections. To Roger, that seemed like a problem that needed to be fixed. It’s always been his dream to have an in-hand guide book to use as a resource when hunting for comics in long boxes at conventions.

And Now You Know ...

Josh Eggebeen 

Code Name: Copy Boy

Base of Operations: Utah

As a kid starting 1982 in Oklahoma, Josh was a collector of any G.I. Joe toy or comic he could find. He got all the toys, and like most, sold them all in a garage sale including the U.S.S. Flagg, which other then his dog he considers the greatest Christmas present he ever got. But, he never sold his beloved G.I. Joe comics. By the 1990's, he was collecting way more then G.I. Joe and was a comic completist before he even knew what the term meant.

Like so many children of the 80s, Josh took a break from collecting in the mid-90s for college and girls, although he did still buy the G.I. Joe Special off the shelf.  But to fund his move to Los Angeles to start his film career he sold all his remaining non G.I. Joe comics and his boxed Star Wars toys his mom had kept on eBay getting over $1,000 dollars.

Then in 2001, Devil's Due Publishing brought G.I. Joe back to the four-color world of comic books. So wondering down a street in Chicago, he saw a comic store and on a random "I haven't been in  comic store in years" kind of day went in.  And G.I. Joe Image #3 with Zartan on the cover was on the shelf.  He walked out with number #1,2,3 and a convention exclusive and a new fire was lit under Josh, who then opened his eBay account to start shopping.

Since 2001, his return to G.I. Joe comic collecting in full force has him determined to get them all any variant, version, edition, cover and in any language from any country. Who knew there would end up being so many?  

The best highight story of his collecting career is that he has found international non-English G.I. Joe comics in comic stores in Netherlands, Italy and the UK. 

By the mid-2000s, Josh was helping with the comics section creating pages, writing summaries and uploading covers like crazy eventually becoming the Senior Editor for the YoJoe comic section for over a decade until the late 2010's.  

And in 2008, Josh got hired on Dark Sky the codeword name for the G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra movie, he is credited in the Second Unit Production Assistant section.

YO Joe!!

 ... and Knowing is Half the Battle.

Major Contributors to After Action Report

A project like this can't be done by just two people below are people who made major contributions to 

make the After Action Report Volume #1 Marvel Era successful:

Editor: Tom Eggebeen

Design Consultant: James Kavanaugh, Jr

Consultant: R. Carson Mataxis

Consultant: Phil Donnelly

Checklist Creator: Calvin Cnymy

Action Force Expert Contributor: Jim Marshall

Australian Contributor: Tom Seel

Editor/Contributor: Ted Jacobson

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