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Cover Artist -- Rod Whigham

Rod Whigham, a commercial and comic book artist, began his career in the mid-1980s, drawing 'G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero' for Marvel Comics. Other Marvel titles he worked on are 'Psi-Force', 'Kickers Inc', 'Conan' and 'Ghost Rider'. During the 1980s, he was also with other companies, such as Renegade Press (an assistant on 'Flaming Carrot'), First Publishing ('The Badger', 'Team Yankee') and AC Comics ('Bolt').

He moved over to DC Comics in the early 1990s as an artist for 'Doc Savage' and the company's 'Star Trek' titles. He also drew 'The Shadow', 'Justice League International' and 'The Flash'. He was back to Marvel as an artist for 'The Punisher'.

In 2008, he succeeded Frank McLaughlin as the artist of the comic strip 'Gil Thorp', which he now makes with Neal Rubin for Tribune Media Syndicate. 

Whigham is also an art instructor.


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