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Rising Sun Publishing Group is an independent publisher known for its past work in fan comics. With an ever growing talent ,quality, and library Rising Sun leads the way in focusing a vision of creating unique comics driven by the artists and writers that work on them.

R.A.H.C Guidebooks

Awesome Websites for G.I. Joe​

3D Joes is dedicated to preserving the sculpt and package art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero through interactive 360 photography and digital photo restoration.

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R.A.H.C. Guidebook

R.A.H.C. Guidebooks had an amazing 2018! Volumes 2 and 3 were reprinted, Volume 4 sold well and it’s exclusive Yearbook counterpart was a big hit. Even the original R.A.H.C. Guide sales have picked up.

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General's Joes


For near decade, General's Joes Reborn has been doing toy reviews, toy updates & everything else G.I. Joe related.  

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Blood for the Baron

The Blood for the Baron website covers everything Action Force. Both the Palitoy Battle Force Force toys & comics as well as the Marvel Comic UK Action Force that followed. The site is currently producing new comics

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Yo Joe!!

For decades starting in 1990's, has been the go to site to find anything collectible for G.I. Joe. The recent ownership change has disrupted updates as of 2019

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Joe​ Declassified​

We feel it's high time we, the fans of G.I.Joe, take up the responsibility of ensuring the growth of our hobby – both in wealth of knowledge, and broadening the fanbase to welcome everyone into the overarching community.

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Listen to Podcasts about After Action Report

Order of Battle Podcast 

Hosted by Jason & Joel

We're a couple of friends who spend an inordinate amount of time talking about GI Joe toys and a myriad of other geek/collector culture items. 


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @orderofbattlepd

Instagram: @orderofbattlepod

Listen: Episode #64

Aired: May 18th, 2022

Order of Battle Podcast episode 64

Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen joined us again to talk about the new After Action Report book. Their second volume of the most comprehensive comic book collectors reference is about to Kickstarter!

We talk about volume one, volume two, how the Joe Community is on fire these days, comics in general and their launch weekend tabling at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. This is a book series you do not want to miss. Even if you have other comic guides, you’ve never seen one as comprehensive and detailed as this.

Volume two covers the Image/Devil’s Due era 2001-2008 + More as well as Dreamwave, GIJoe Collectors Club magazines/comics, and more. Interviews with several of the creators and even a look into Larry’s disavowed GIJoe comics.

The campaign runs 19 May until after JoeFest. The books are $35 plus shipping. Get involved and back a trusted and incredible comic book reference guide that you can't find anywhere else!

See them at MegaCon 19-22 May in Artist Alley at booth AA 376:

Episode #64 is promo for Kickstarter #2 on the day it went live.

Listen:  Episode #21

Aired: 9/16/2020

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 21 is here! This is a must listen if you love the GIJoe Comic Books.

While in Augusta GA at JoeFest 2020 Jason and Joel sat down with the After Action Report guys: Roger Dean Taft and Josh Eggebeen. They have an incredible project in the Kickstarter pipeline right now. A reference guide covering Marvel's 1982 to 1996 run of comics including all titles and issue variations.

It's wild how many variations they are covering and this guide, whether you want to be a variation collector or not, will be a great tool to our community. Have a listen, but more - back their Kickstarter! 

Episode #21 is promo for the beginning of 

Kickstarter #1

Listen:  Episode #36

Aired: 4/7/2021


The Order of Battle Podcast episode 36 is here!

Jason and A went to Toylanta, in Marietta, GA. A handful of HTF o-ring GI Joes, some fun 12” GI Joes, Captain Action, insanely cool dioramas, and introducing A to the three day con schedule.

At the show we ran into Roger and Josh with their upcoming After Action Report: The GI Joe Comic Book Collecting Guide ( That book is coming along splendidly and will be incredible once in all our hands. Ed Schumacher of Joe Fest ( and Brian Kossin of Retro-Toy Con (, preparing for their shows later this year. And Jason went hard in acrylic with Encased Collectibles.

Lots of other friends, pizzas, late nights, nerd rants, lies, jokes and laughs. A solid show with solid friends and memories.

Questions for you!

Were you at Toylanta? If so what did you pick up and what was your favorite part of the show?

Are you a backer of After Action Report?

Will you be at Joe Fest in June? Kentuckiana in July? Retro-Toy con in the fall? 

Episode #36 covers an update of the process of creating volume #1

Listen:  Episode #43

Aired: 7/28/2021

Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen were once again able to sit down with us to discuss their Herculean project, After Action Report, vol 1: Marvel Era 1982-1996. But this time it’s not a Kickstarter dream hoping to be reality. This time it’s reality and we’re just waiting on a pallet of books from China to the US!

The conversation goes beyond volume one, looking at their roadmap of volume two - five. We talk about crazy foreign versions with wild deviations from Hama’s versions, uncovering truths about how the books were made, and comics professionals who are on board with this endeavor.

You seriously do not want to miss this series of Reference Guides even if you aren’t a big comic book collector. 

It’s going to be as important as Bellamy, RAHC, DeClassified, Action Figure Archive, and others.

I’m going to be chasing Roger and Josh for many years to come, begging them to give us more and more secrets and anecdotes as they continue educating our community in the realm of GI Joe comic books and appearances. 

Episode #43 updates the books completion & shipping.

StarJoes Podcast

Hosted by Ryan Drost

A podcast dedicated to Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and everything in between. We talk about Comics, Movies, TV Shows, and Toys…lots of Toys…


Listen: Episode #268

Aired: May 20th, 2022

In this episode, Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen join Ryan to talk about their latest G.I. Joe project, After Action Report Volume 2 Devil's Due Era 2001-2008 + More. In this volume the guys will be covering what will be in this volume, including Devil's Due, Fun Pub, Hasbro Action Figure comics, and more. Enjoy and back this project today!

Episode #268 is promo for Kickstarter #2, 

which was 100% funded by the air date 

but not on the record date.

Listen:  Episode #248

Aired: 9/18/2020

In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan is joined by Josh Eggebeen and Roger Taft as they talk about their new Kickstarter project. We delve into their Joe fandom, why they wanted to create this book for Joe fans, and then we have some Firing Range fun! Enjoy!

Episode #248 is promo (at the mid point) for 

Kickstarter #1

Facebook Podcast

David T Allen Product Review 

After Action Report Volume #1

Aired: 2/21/2022

Interview with Roger Taft


By David T. Allen

"After Action Report, Vol 1 - Marvel Era 1982-1996 (The Unofficial G.I. Joe Comic Guide"

A video interview with Roger Taft, one of the two writers / creators of the After Action Report (the Unofficial G.I. Joe Comic Guide). This interview discusses the first volume of their guide, which covers the Marvel era of comics from 1982-1996 and much more.

David T. Allen Product Review: AAR  

The book was complete & in hand of backers. 

WOJM or What is on Joe Mind?

Since 2011, the “What’s On Joe Mind?” team has brought you the best G.I. Joe podcast on the Internet! Join us for the latest G.I. Joe news, reviews, opinions, and special guests. No magic laser swords, no morphing robots, no gladiators, no slimy turtles, just GI Joe and only GI Joe -- well, the gang tends to go on about whatever's on their minds, but rest assured it's still mostly G.I. Joe!

The WOJM Team is joined by Roger Taft, co-author of After Action Report, a comprehensive guide to GI Joe comics, which funded on Kickstarter just today! (Don't worry, you still have a week to get in on the project!) Plus, the team pulls postcards punitively from the

 presently-proud Postsac, and more!

Listen Podcast: Episode #138

Aired: 10/8/2020

Watch YouTube: #138 Team Stream

Aired: 10/8/2020

Episode #138 was promo for the closing of Kickstarter #1